About Us

At Balance Effect, we believe that RESULTS tell the truth and that’s why we’re different from all the rest.

Balance EffectTim Chedester is the visionary founder and owner of Balance Effect. An MMS Certified life success coach, Tim developed “Three Phase Coaching” to help you tap into the high energy and awesome power you already have. Three Phase Coaching inspires you to soar as you clarify your wants, map out a plan of action to get what you want and supports you in realizing the vision, dream or goal. It is a truly balanced approach to coaching not found anywhere else.

As an added bonus to your quest for success, Balance Effect offers the empowering Strength Deployment Inventory. The SDI is a self-awareness tool that identifies your strengths and puts you or your organization on the path of the highest levels of achievement.

Balance Effect can also help you bring out the winner within with affordable Las Vegas life coaching and small business consulting workshops. Through intense FOCUS and ACCOUNTABILITY, we will guide you or your business toward a definite purpose or a unified vision. You will begin to achieve your goals with lightening speed…. and still enjoy the bliss of amazing balance and fulfillment.

Need a message delivered  to your organization in a fun and relevant way? Tim is also a inspirational motivational speaker who’s motto is; “Motivation lasts a few days, inspiration lasts a lifetime.” His inspirational style speaks to the heart, touching the emotions of an audience.

Stop asking. Take ACTION. Live with passion and build harmonious relationships with the Balance Effect.