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Las Vegas Life Coach Tim Chedester delivers a proven, highly memorable tool to develop productive relationships, improve team effectiveness and reduce the hidden costs of conflict.

Work styles differ and conflict can lead to inefficiency, ineffective teamwork, increased employee absence, and even loss of good people. There are ways to have a conflict that actually improves team interactions and enhances productivity. The [SDI] ® Strength Deployment Inventory was developed with the understanding that the quality of an organization is impacted by the effectiveness of its relationships. People can work together more effectively when they better understand themselves and co-workers and feel more in control of their own behavior choices—both when things are going well and during conflict.

Real World Results!

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Any organization where individuals must work together towards shared goals will find value in the SDI. As innovative self-discovery tool, participants gain insight into—and control over—the strengths they already have. And the proprietary charting method allows teams view the results in a nurturing and open environment. That causes the participants to begin to understand commonalities, as well as differences. And look at how these differences can lead to conflict and misunderstandings in the work place.

A Highly Effective team creates higher profits!

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