Personal Optimization

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seoSearch Engine Optimization has become increasingly important to the growth of a business. Simply stated, if someone can find your business easily, it is a much greater likely hood that people looking for your service will call.  There are tools to support the Optimization process to make it a great likely hood that your business will stay in the mind of someone looking for you and your service.

Much like SEO, you and I personally and professionally can increase the growth of ourselves thru what I like to call SELF ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.  Want to be more successful through the process of personal SEO?  Some key things to consider:

  • Am I taking a daily assessment of what and what is not working?
  • Am I maximizing my time and efforts and making the best use of my time?
  • Are my efforts creating my desired results?
  • Do I have a personal mission statement?
  • Are my results moving me closer to my vision?
  • Do I have clearly established goals?
  • Do I believe I am worthy of creating my results?
  • Are there hidden opportunities to found?
  • What past and present relationships could I utilize to support me in creating my results?
  • Do I wake up excited and ready to embrace my day with gratitude?


Using these 10 steps will regularly will help you to SELF ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. Creating your results so can be as successful as you wish to be!


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