Balance Effect Speaking

Motivational Speaking?

“The” Life Coach Las Vegas, Tim Chedester, is also a inspirational motivational speaker who’s motto is; “Motivation lasts a few days, inspiration lasts a lifetime.” His inspirational style speaks to the heart, touching the emotions of an audience.

*Speech subjects*


Teamwork – Shine it up! Your team’s ability to shine depends on the success of your team members and how they work together. Tools, techniques and experiential learning that will spiff up your team and get them moving in a synergistic direction.

Relationships – How to get them working again…… Understanding why others do what they do is the bridge to building better relationships. A fun workshop style presentation that inspires you to work toward positive and effective relationships.

Gratitude – It’s the Glue! Understanding and embracing all that you have in your life can get side tracked.  An inspiring and motivational look how awesome our life REALLY is !

Commitment-It always matters. When all else fails you , your commitment will keep you in the game.  Experience a renewed sense of commitment with you and to others. 

Responsibility – Choices. How did we get here? Our choices create the path to where we are, and where we want to go.

Ethics – The road less traveled. There is less traffic on the “Extra Mile”, fewer still travels on the “High Road”.  Examine your commitment to your personal and professional excellence!

*Jr. and High School Topics* (Interactive)

Success-Your coach, your mentor, your friend, your teachers might not be who you expected them to be!

Choices – Pass or Fail! Your decisions make the difference.

Communication and Leadership – Let your leadership and communication be your tools to greatness!