Las Vegas Life Coaching and Business Coaching

Life Coaching Overview

Hiring Balance Effect Las Vegas Life Coach and Business Consultant is one of the most positive steps you can take to move in a different direction. We become partners  in building a peaceful confidence within you that others will notice and admire. Your thoughts and actions are powerful and we teach you to start expecting the best.

At Balance Effect, we are dedicated  to keeping you FOCUSED on fulfilling your balanced greatness by holding you ACCOUNTABLE for your actions.

We start by determining what you really want in your life or business. Next, we work on  setting BIG GOALS and map out a plan of action for achieving them. A complete Strength Development Inventory will help us identify your predominant behavior and gives me a deeper insight into what your goals and values are. These empowering techniques develop a success momentum that will bring you measurable RESULTS FAST.

*Keeping You Motivated*

Every week we email you a form to fill out that holds you ACCOUNTABLE for what’s working and what isn’t. We want to support you in your efforts and explore all of the opportunities that are available. As a part of the Balance Effect, we also utilize a “Get Ready” questionnaire and a Monthly Achievement sheet to clarify your progress toward RESULTS.

To keep you FOCUSED on the process, we meet weekly for about an hour in person or by phone for 90 days. Small business coaching clients who are interested in FASTER RESULTS often enroll in ourAccountability Coaching Program which consists of a 15 minute phone call four days per week.

Balance Effect Life and Business Coaching can bring you or your organization true balance, joy and success.

Make a concrete commitment to take ACTION NOW. Leave your name and number on the Contact Page and we will call you to set up a FREE CONSULTATION.