Month: April 2019

4 Reasons for a CEO to hire a Coach

4 Reasons for a CEO to hire a Coach

When making a job change, you certainly want to work on your resume, maybe even let your network of friends and associates that you are looking. Spiffing up your LinkedIn profile would also be a plus. However, when it comes to knowing who you really want to work for, the question you may want to ask is … “Does the owner or CEO work with a coach?”

As an owner or CEO, this is sound information to be aware of. Having top notch employees who contribute to the value of the company will likely be in direct proportion to how much value you bring to them. If you have a coach, your communicating to your staff that you value yourself. But even greater than that, you communicate to your team the importance of growth, and that you are here to learn, just like your employees are. This supports the building of a strong bond of trust and credibility with your team.

In coaching sessions, I have, my clients often express concern for employees who may be going through a tough time. How do you handle it?  Is it work related, or not? Often, it is personal. Are you able to ask the right questions, that would support you in helping your employee through a tough time?  Employee’s will often respond positively to a boss who is empathetic to the needs of the employee. Again, this type of leadership is manifested by the CEO as a result of a good relationship between themselves and a coach. The CEO can gain valuable insights from their awareness of understanding what is important to them, how they have the same wants and needs as their employees. A sense of mutual understanding goes a long way in the business world.

A CEO who understands that a happy employee is a productive employee.  A team member will always follow a happy leader.  Understanding what makes you happy can be found with a coach.  Being aware of yours and your team’s happiness can be achieved through increased emotional intelligence. A coach can help a CEO or owner to focus on their own vulnerabilities and self-improvement.  A happy coach wants happy employees. By hiring a coach, the boss is willing to invest time and money in becoming a better leader, spouse, and parent. Wouldn’t an employee want to work for someone like that?