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About Tim

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When I quit my job to become a full time coach.... I had completed my coach certification, and was working in construction at the time. I had spent many years in personal growth, and the sheet metal industry was wearing on me. I had hired a life coach, and about a month into that relationship I had come to a point where it didn't make sense for me to keep doing what I was doing .... the desire to coach full time was getting stronger. One afternoon, on a Thursday as I recall, I was walking downstairs to my office in my house, and a very loud voice said to me " YOU HAVE TO QUIT". It was undeniable.... I stopped, I froze right there on the landing..... took a deep breath, tears came to my eyes..... mostly out of awe for the voice residing in me that had never, ever been loud enough for me to hear.
The next day, I went to work at City Center with the intention of quitting on Friday. I couldn't muster the courage to do it. I was making the most money I had ever made in my life. Big bank account, vacation fund.... making enough money that I didn't have a way to spend it all before I got another check a week later. Friday came and went... I was mad at myself for not following through.... I was about to take the biggest risk of my life.... I had just bought a house a year and a half ago, and it was all on the line in that moment. I stewed on it all weekend, many thoughts, many more tears, fears, and passion, all poured out of me. Monday rolled around.... this was it, today it happens, I said to myself. I'm at work, working on a scissor lift 15 feet in the air assembling stainless steel duct for a kitchen in a restaurant. I kept looking down to see if the boss was coming around to talk to our leadman. This was something he did everyday.... Around 10 am, I saw the foreman walk up, and start talking to our leadman. I was anxious, nervous...  and said "OH @#$%@" to myself .... this is it... I'm breathing heavy. I came down to the ground, took off my tool belt, walked over and was waiting until the conversation between my boss and my leadman was over.... I waited, and waited. I gave up ... I went back to my lift, put my tool belt back on and went up in the air.... With a million thoughts running through me head... " did I blow my chance?" I asked under my breath. My mouth was dry, I couldn't think of anything else as I'm trying to assemble more duct, as I'm looking back over my shoulder to see if they were done talking. A few minutes later, the conversation between them ended, and the boss walked off toward his office. I quickly dropped what I was doing, came down on the lift, dropped my tool belt and started walking toward my boss as he continued to walk ahead of me about 20 ft or so... I had walked about ten paces, and I was still asking myself, "should I or shouldn't I"? My boss is still 20 or so feet ahead of me... he doesn't know I'm behind him. I finally said to myself " If he stops and turns around, I'll pull the trigger". It was another chicken exit, because I knew there was no way he would turn around, and that would be my out for putting it off another day, or until I could talk myself out of taking the biggest risk of my life.... The very second I finished speaking those words " If he stops and turns around, I'll pull the trigger" HE STOPPED ! He turned around, and looked back with a look on his face as if he had forgotten something, or wasn't even sure why had turned around.... I FROZE !!!! The look on my face had to be one of utter disbelief. When I was finally able to realize my surroundings again, I just said to myself .... "Well, this is it" ... "The message is clear, I can't deny it". I was in awe of what just happened... a sense of complete calmness came over me as I felt I had just witnessed the universe working in the most profound overt way possible. I explained to my boss what was going on. He asked me if I wanted to work until Friday, I said no ... I want to leave today. I had my last check by noon, and left the parking lot .... never looking back.... It felt like I had just broken the sound barrier.... it was the smoothest most serene experience I had ever felt in my entire life.

Meet Tim

I do what I do to serve others. Creating value for others through service is my personal and professional focus. Leadership,  whether through leading others or leading one's self, is something I am very passionate about. Your success is my success!


Tim Chedester-MSOL


Next Steps...

Is your inner voice telling you the time is NOW? Have you been telling yourself you could be a great leader and be amazingly successful, if I could just get some help? I hear you loud and clear !  That was my story too! Don't let your story be your destiny... Its time to manifest and BE your greatest version of you.