I rolled around the corner to merge into traffic, I looked into my rear view mirror to make sure it was safe. Were there any obstacles that would slow me down, or cause me to wait? And what about my vehicle?  Was my vehicle in a condition that I could accelerate effectively and move into the flow of traffic?  Was my lane clear? Would my vehicle be able to maintain a speed necessary to keep up with the flow of traffic, or would my vehicle sputter and slow down at the first sign of mechanical trouble? Would my vehicle even make it to my desired destination?  All legitimate concerns …. However, were not really talking about a car trip.

When you decide to take on a goal, it is like going on a trip to a far off destination. A desired destination that creates a change of scenery for us. Once we’ve picked a goal, its time to plot a direction, with a plan to reach out destination.  Now it’s time to move.  When it is time to merge into traffic, do you slow down, or become very careful?  Or do you confidently move into the flow of traffic, glance in the rear view mirror and commit to moving toward your destination.

What about your vehicle, YOU?  Are you in a mental state to move in a forward direction? Able to commit to your destination?  Will your doubts slow you down? Will you start to sputter, and get off at the next convenient off ramp, and travel back to where you started? 

Setting a goal, and going after it is just like taking a trip to a new destination.  Make sure you are clear on your destination, don’t let distractions get in your way. Notice the flow your must maintain in order to reach your goal.  And, make sure your vehicle is in good working order. This includes your mindset.  Being committed to your goal is necessary to reach it. Focus on it, and don’t pay attention to how fast the other traffic is moving.  Just because someone else might stop along the way, and do something you may not agree with doesn’t mean you should stop moving. It’s YOUR journey….

Merge confidently, and Emerge victorious ! 

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