Point A

Point A

What is it that you want? A new career? A relationship? Maybe you want to quit your J.O.B.! Is it even possible? Of course, it is. However, you may not be setting yourself up to reach your goal if you don’t know where you are. What do I mean by knowing where you are? Have you ever heard of the saying; “you can’t get there from here”? Your starting place will determine how you navigate yourself toward your destination. Are you in the perfect position to reach your goal? Have you built a solid vessel for your journey? The vessel I speak of is YOU!

Some questions you must ask yourself. Am I up for the journey? Am I grounded in who I am? Am I really certain I want to make such a journey, and am I mentally and emotionally strong enough to take this journey? Do I have any limiting beliefs that could sink me before I reach my goal? Am I clear about my purpose? These are just a few questions you must ask. Why is your starting place so imperative?

Let’s look at an analogy. You are a soldier, your test is to be dropped off in the middle of the desert, and make your way to the pickup point to meet up with your team. You have been given exactly enough food, exactly enough water, and you have a compass. Everything you need to get you to your appointed destination is in your possession. If you don’t make it to the pickup point by a certain time, you will be left behind. With all this in mind, what is the one thing you must know in order to make it to the pickup point? Remember, you have the exact amount of food and water to get you to your meeting spot. You must know where you are. If you are off by more than a couple of miles, you will die. The desert heat will kill you. You ran out of water, or you ran out of food, or you were late to the pickup location. Left stranded, you will likely perish.

The same holds true for you, if you aren’t clear why your making the journey, you may just be going out for a walk. Are you creating limiting beliefs that can stop you from getting your goal? Many of us do, and it leaves us stranded in the middle of a chasm known as self-doubt. It’s an emotional desert that can destroy us from the inside out.

Lastly, in our story you had a compass to help you to get clear on where you were. It is also useful to help you to guide yourself to your goal. The compass for you is a life coach. A coach can help you get clear on your goal, and how to navigate your way through the journey, avoid obstacles, and make sure you don’t stay stuck in the chasm. Are you working toward your purpose, or long term goal? Is it time to break out the compass? The road is paved with good intentions, but intentions alone won’t get you to where you want to go. A coach is your compass that helps you to establish your starting point, so you can make it to where you say you want to go.
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