What’s Possible

What’s Possible

“I can’t do this, I’m not smart enough. I’ll never amount to anything”, said the student.  Stop!  As a person who may have stopped dreaming or maybe you’ve never started, it is easy to understand why someone might believe that. As a coach of life, I have one question, is that really true?  Is it a proactive move or a reaction to life’s events? Life happens, and when it does, we can either react in a manner that aligns with our belief about ourselves, or we can move to a place where we want to use our life events to learn from to propel us in the direction of our desires, goals, and dreams.

Negative thoughts based on your belief about yourself can get in the way of what is possible. It becomes the glue that holds us in one place. These thoughts become a wall that keeps our dreams away from us. Challenges can cloud our vision of what is possible, to the point where we shutdown, and don’t move forward, or worse yet, we don’t believe we know how.

Often times, the wall seems so immovable that asking for outside support is necessary to break through the wall.  A life coach or mentor are great resources to help you get on track and build some momentum, so you can break through that wall.  

A Strategy for Action

Think of something you want; what resources are available to support your desire?  Can you see your dream? In the case of our student, they had no dream or desire to learn or grow. A vision of what you want will be your strongest resource. Without a vision to propel a dream, we are just out taking a stroll with no direction.

What started out as an idea, must become a vision, and a clear dream makes an idea a strong companion. You must know what you want, if you don’t know… you will likely not know that you arrived.

A dream or objective must be specific, but it won’t come to fruition unless we tell ourselves that we must take actionable steps toward our vision. If we want to be successful, we must do what other successful people have done. One course of action is to seek out others who have accomplished what it is that you want to accomplish.

Lastly, break up your goal into small parts. Smaller elements of a larger goal seem more doable, and once you have achieved one small goal, your sense of accomplishment and an increased level of self-worth become the momentum you need to break through and move beyond those limiting beliefs that can stop us before we get started.  It’s time to stop letting negative thoughts steal you from your dreams!

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