Your thoughts=Your results

Your thoughts=Your results

The Law of Attraction states that what we think about becomes our reality.  But it also means that what we think about is drawn to us, and comes into our consciousness, by proportion to how much we think about it.

Have you noticed those people who are always negative?  Are always finding something wrong with everyone else, and judge them for it? No matter what is happening for them, they can always find something wrong or something to dislike about someone or something. If you’ve noticed these folks, then you may have also noticed that they complain about their lives as well. It’s likely they are attempting to make others look bad, so they won’t have to admit that their lives are not all that great. 
A life full of negativity, and resentment of others will lead to a negative life and resentment for the life one lives.

On the other hand, have you noticed that people who are successful are happy, or at least seem happy?  The truth is they see everything through a lens of happiness. They find the happiness or the goodness in the things they see. They find the good in all that they see. Gratitude, and no resentment go together. I life well appreciated is a life well lived.

We have a choice, every day. We can see the world through whatever lenses we choose to put on.  Finding something good in everything is not easy at times, and sometimes it really requires effort. However, finding goodness in everything will bring you and I goodness in everything. Its an attraction thing!

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